Saturday, March 14, 2009

Pottery Barn Schmottery Barn

When I saw this bedding in the pottery barn kids catalog I instantly fell in love. . . with the bedding that is, not so much with the price. I have purchased a select few items from pbk, but usually when it goes on sale. I showed my mom this adorable ensemble and mentioned that I thought it would look precious in Avery's room because her walls are already this shade of blue she said, "Well, let's make it."


What she really meant was, "I'll make it for you." There's no "let us" in doing something that requires sewing because "us" doesn't sew. My mom is a talented seamstress and I have no idea how to sew a button back on a shirt.

A couple of days before Christmas she and my dad dropped off armloads of goodies to put under the tree for the girls and when I saw several large packages and bags for Avery, I knew exactly what it was. . . I don't know if my mom is reading this, but I'll have to admit that later that afternoon, I pulled back the tissue paper ever-so-slightly and took a peek at the quilt inside and as my friend Bethany likes to say, I might have "squealed out loud" with delight.

My mom's version of the quilt and the accessories is sooooo much cuter, more detailed and yummier than the Pottery Barn version. She went with brighter, bolder colors, and included details I never would have thought of! Check it out:

The theme of this bedding is owls, which has special meaning for our family. Yes, they are all the rage these days, but we've loved them much longer. My mom has been collecting "owls" for most of her life, and they were her thing long before they became 'popular.' So of course, my mom had Miss Avery (who is basically non-verbal) saying "Whoo Whoo" before she could say some of her most basic words. If you ask Avery, "What does a horse say?" or "What does the doggie say?" she doesn't have a clue, but ask her what an owl says. . . .

My mom turned 78 this week! I think it is amazing that someone at her "wise old age":) can still sew like this! She has had cataract surgery and I know this has to be harder than it was for her a decade ago.

And these little cuties from the pbk catalog. . .

Grandma's version: Too stinkin' cute!

I saw these sheets in the store and the colors are perfect for our version of the bedding so I'm hoping they'll go on sale soon, otherwise I may just have to splurge!

I've always wanted to take pictures of the different rooms in my house for sharing. I'm snoopy that way. I love to see the insides of some of my long distance friends, family, and even 'blogging friends' and don't mine sharing my favorites, but this is why I don't!! I'm a horrible photographer. These pictures just don't do Miss Avery's room justice (or my mom's handiwork) but you get the gist of it:) Avery and I spend so much time in her room. I absolutely love it, and it just might be my favorite room in the house for so many reasons. It is peaceful and playful all at once. I do some of my best 'thinking' and praying in Avery's room while rocking her to sleep at night.

Grandma, (mom) if you're reading this. You are amazing! I love this and all of the other keepsakes you've made for us. Kaylen loves her Mia wardrobe and is so proud to show it off to her friends. They will become heirlooms and mean so much more to us than anything you could buy in a store (or off the Internet.) She just learned how to do that too! Amazing I tell ya'! The next thing you know I'll have her on Facebook:)

We love you!


Nikki said...

I LOVE IT!! I looked at that SAME bedding when i was re-doing the girls' room!! Your mom is absolutely talented! How come I didn't see this in person??? ;-)

Nicole Majors said...

Lisa, your mom is so very talented - that is a keepsake to be treasured and passed down. I am eager to meet your Miss Avery in person, I hope to see her soon (maybe Memorial weekend?)

Cheryl @ On the Old Path said...

Hi Lisa I hope you don't mind the intrusion i stumbled upon your blog and had to say what an adorable job your Mom did. What a blessing and a gift to treasure