Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Lisa needs. . .

(I borrowed this picture from another blog, but now I can't find it to give her credit?

Seriously that's what I need! Chocolate!)

This is too funny. It's actually a version of a note going around on Facebook (Which I am totally addicted to and is one of the main reasons why I neglect this little blog. Did I say that outloud?) Anyways, you go to Google and enter your name plus the word "needs" all in quotes (so "Lisa needs") It is pretty funny to see what comes up in your search. It's even funnier when done in a bar with good friends and an iPhone after a few drinks. . . Ehh hemm, Amy? Jennifer? What do you need?

Heres what you do: Go to Google.com and do a search. Type in your first name and the word needs after it in quotes. Then copy the top ten things Google says you "need." O.k. here goes:

1.) Lisa needs braces. (I had braces when I was 15, but some of my teeth did turn back, so I guess this is kinda true?)
2.) Lisa needs to get a life! (Hmmmm. I'm pretty happy with the one I've got thanks!)
3.) Lisa needs a nap. (Amen!)

4.) Lisa needs a home ASAP. (Nope, I'm safe and sound in my beautiful home!)

5.) Lisa needs your help! (O.k.?)

6.) Lisa needs help with her vertical blinds. (Those darn vertical blinds. . . )

7.) Lisa needs a bigger grin. (Hence the braces.)

8.) Lisa needs braces. (Holy cow. This was like every other google hit! I must seriously have bad teeth?)

9.) Lisa needs a new concealer. (Yes! Yes I do! I have dark circles and age spots! This one is true!)

10.) Lisa needs to be committed (and the tag line underneath: "Okay all I'm going to say is that girl is very unstable. She seriously needs her head checked. " ) Too, too funny! True?

Soooo, Bethany, , Rachel, and all my Facebook bffs, what do you need? (Some of you need to get your own blog- That's what you need. Umm hmm. You know who you are:)


Bethany said...

This is funny! I'll let ya know what I "need" in a few days!!

Bianca Jackson said...

The "Lisa needs braces" line made me remember an episode of The Simpsons in which Homer became the union president for the nuclear plant, and at the same time, made me remember my past when the braces looks like complex machinery. But as time goes by, so is the dental technology, such as the popularity of veneers and whatnot, just like what I am seeing at my younger cousins at their school in Las Vegas.