Sunday, November 23, 2008

She takes my breath away!

I have a love hate relationship with photography. I love looking at beautiful pictures, I hate being the subject of a photograph. I love capturing a memory in a priceless photo, I hate being stuck behind a camera. I am very blessed that I have many dear friends who are talented photographers. Many of the pictures that I post on this blog are taken by someone other than me, because while I want to remember special events such as birthdays and holidays, and the simple joys of playing in the park or a beautiful sunset, there’s something about the pressure of capturing the “perfect picture” that, for me, takes away from just enjoying the moment. I know this isn’t the case for many people. Taking pictures doesn’t stress them out, and they can just snap away, all the while ‘living in the moment.’ I have never been able to master this talent, and so, fortunately I usually have someone close by to capture it all “on film.” (Does anyone actually use film anymore?)

So today, when I slipped this hat and scarf on Avery to see if they would fit, I was instantly faced with a dilemma. She looked sooooo stinkin’ cute in her little outfit, I felt the need to take a picture. But it was also nearly sixty degrees and sunny outside this afternoon, a rare treat for the end of November in Kansas. I wanted to go out back with Avery and spend the rest of our afternoon swinging, crunching in our leaf piles before they blow away, and just soaking in such a perfect day. I decided to grab the camera, “just in case,” and I am so glad I did.

Unlike my friends who “get” their cameras, I know nothing about composition, or lighting, or the settings on my camera. I simply point and shoot and hope for the best. My dear friend, Bethany, is probably cringing as she reads this. . . The best thing about this reckless photography is that I have no expectations and so I am rarely disappointed, but more often, pleasantly surprised when I find that I have actually captured the essence of why I was taking the picture in the first place.

These pictures of Avery are priceless to me because they are are true Avery- they capture her ornery spirit, her feistiness and her sweet, gentle, life-loving little soul.

And that is why I love them.

Not because of their quality. Not because of their composition.

Because of the sweet little girl in each of these pictures.

So here you go. As my photographer friends would say they are SOTC (that's straight out of the camera), feel free dear Photoshop gurus to edit away. (I would be more than happy to email you an original. Hint, hint.) I was too eager to share them to take time and edit.

I’ll warn you, there are a ton! I got a little carried away, so if you are short on time be sure and check out the last few. . . they are my favorites!

Look very closely. What's wrong with this picture? See that sweet piggie toe sticking out? A hat and scarf and bare feet? Yeah. It wasn't really hat weather today. . .

I absolutely love this one. It's the calm before the storm. It's sweet innocence. It's the beginning of the end because the fact that Avery is wearing a hat has not escaped her, she's just been too busy playing until now to take care of business.

Hah! Success! What is so cute about this hat?

Oh, wait. What's this? Why on earth do I have this goofy thing tied around my neck?

Just a little bit farther.

Oh! Almost.

Aggghhhhh! Seriously. Get this thing of of me! And enough with the pictures already mom!

And finally, my absolute favorite picture from today. This is just so Avery. When I look at this picture I see the orneriness in her eyes, and the sweetness that is Avery in her little half smile.

O.k. I seriously have to stop there! Are you on Avery overload? There are more where these came from my friends, so my intention is to add a few more, plus a sneak peak of our family photo shoot, later this week!

So out of curiousity, which one is your favorite?

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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Can I Have this Dance?

Today I bought this. . .

Today I bought this CD because we took Kaylen to see High School Musical 3 last weekend and she loved it!! Today I bought this because I knew that when Kaylen saw it sitting next to her CD player after school she would squeal and run to me saying, "Thank you, thank you, thank you. . . " Today I bought this because I love to surprise my first born and spoil her a little bit, because I can. Today I bought this because even though Christmas music was playing in the background as I tossed it in my cart, it's a long time until Dec. 25th.

It had nothing to do with me not being able to get this song (out of a teeny-bopper movie no less) out of my head.


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