Sunday, April 12, 2009


Last month we traveled to Los Angeles for Avery to undergo a surgical evaluation at UCLA medical center. After many months of researching different surgical centers we made the decision to travel to UCLA to meet Dr. Gary Mathern, a highly respected neurosurgeon.

It was a long and difficult trip for many reasons. I detail more of Avery's medical stuff here , but we are hopeful that the surgical team at UCLA may be able to pinpoint the brain tumor that is causing Avery's seizures and remove it.

After we were discharged from the hospital we took in some of the sights and took Avery to the ocean for the first time We just happened to have a professional photographer with us to capture these precious memories. My dear friend and her sweet family made the six plus hour trek from Arizona to hang out with us after Avery was discharged. We had a blast with our friends in Hollywood and learned that Miss Avery loves the ocean. She laughed until tears ran down her face. The entire ordeal was worth that precious sound!










Bethany said...

Oh my! I was hoping to re-edit a few of those before you put them up!! Yikes! I noticed that a few of them seem so bright!! I wasn't fast enough to beat ya though!

We had a great time meeting up with you guys! Of course we wish it were under different circumstances, but I'll never turn down a chance to hang out!!

Hope you had a wonderful Easter and I'll chat with ya soon!

Love and miss ya!

Holly said...

Gorgeous photos! What a precious little girl! :)