Monday, July 27, 2009

Yikes! July?!!

I can hardly believe that its already the end of July and in a few short weeks school will be starting again! It has been a busy, busy summer and a blog-free one too! I can't believe how I've neglected this poor, abandonded blog!

Who knew that a little thing like this blog o' mine could cause me so much guilt. Each day I stop by here and see my last post from (GASP) April and I feel so guilty. Guilty for not updating more often and guiltly for ignoring my blog!! I know this is silly because there are probably only two other people in the world reading this, but still. . . I don't like to start something and not keep up with it, so here goes. . .

So what have the Harts been up to since I last posted?

Well what a better time than July than to talk about what happened in May I say! In May, Kaylen Rose turned seven!! We celebrated by throwing a rock-star themed sleep over and it was a hit! I ordered these rockin' invitations from Designs by Georgia off of Etsy! If you need a fun invitation and a quick turnaround time, Georgia is your gal!

We decorated our basement with tons of balloons, sparkly stars, and streamers. To create the effect of a "dance party" we even had a friend of ours who is a DJ bring over some fancy "strobe" lights that flashed in bright colors to the beat of the music. With the lights turned down and the music cranked up it was the perfect setting for the little divas to get their groove on!

As you can see in the picture above, it was kind of hard to get good pictures of the rock stars as they were "dancing" - aka, chasing each other around our living room:) But you can see the fun "disco" lights!

This is the only shot I got of all the girls together, as the night was winding down and they stopped for a minute to watch High School Musical 3 in their jammies. This party was so much fun, it really deserves a post all of its own. . . we'll see;)

After Kaylen's birthday weekend was Dance Recital Week. This was Kaylen's second year in jazz and ballet here in Emporia and gearing up for recitals is always a big deal! Kaylen had dress rehersals EVERY night for a week and then perfromed on two different nights! In the end it was worth it and the dances turned out very cute!
Here are Kaylen and two of her dance buddies at rehearsals.

After school was out, we took Kaylen to Chicago to visit the American Girl Store. What a fun trip! Yup, that trip certainly deserves its own post!

Here are Kaylen and I eating lunch with her doll, Mia, in the American Girl Cafe! What an amazing place to visit! More on that later. . .

We also took Kaylen to Branson at the end of June for a quick weekend getaway. I didn't even take pictures on the trip. We've been there so many times, and we were having so much fun, I just didn't snap away away like I normally do!

While in Branson we took Kaylen to White Water- a water park with tons of wild and crazy slides. I had no idea Kaylen was such a daredevil! Just last summer she wanted nothing to do with the water slide at our local pool, but she didn't say no to a single ride at White Water!!! She even went down Kaluni Falls, the picture you see below! It was a little scary, even for me, let alone Kaylen, who was just barely tall enough to ride it!!

At the end of June our best friends visited from Arizona! We always enjoy having them stop by, even if their visits always feel too short. You can see the amazing pictures my friend Bethany took of our family while she was in town by clicking here.

Another fun part of summer for us is hanging out on the lake on our friends' boat. We enjoy boating so much that we are thinking about getting a boat of our own for next summer!! Kaylen had a blast tubing with daddy and our friend Garrett!

Avery even got to go tubing for the first time! I don't know how much you can see here, but in between Daddy's feet is her little face. You can't hear it on the video, but she was laughing and clapping the whole time! She loved it! I guess we have two daredevils in our family! For the most part she loves being in the boat and hanging out in the water!

Well, that pretty much sums up May and June! Wow! Birthday parties, dance recitals, vacationing, lake trips, and visits from friends! I guess I didn't realize how busy we really were this summer! See. . . no wonder I haven't found the time to blog:)

I really am going to start blogging at least a little more often than every three months because I'm getting a blog makeover soon!! I can't wait to reveal my new look!


Nikki said...

So nice to see you again!! LOL!! Summer has gone fast! The girls haven't played once! I can't believe it! Oh is starting soon and they will see each other everyday!!

Bethany said...

WHOO HOO! You posted!! I am holding you to blogging more often!! :) I can't wait to see your new look! Maybe you'll feel excited and inspired and ready to update!!

Hope you guys are having a great Tuesday!! Talk to you soon!

NicXOXO said...

Lisa, you are such an amazing mother! Will you adopt me? I really want to have a rock-star party too! Prayers, hugs and love from South Dakota.

Nicole Sidders