Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I have been dying to share her with you, so without further ado, here she is! My first great-niece, baby Emily. Is she not breathtaking or am I biased as usual? Look at that hair!

So how is someone as young as myself a Great-Aunt? Well, its a long story, but I was Aunt-Lisa from the day I was born, as my brother's first child, Wendy, was born just two weeks before me. Have you ever seen Father of the Bride part II? Our story is similar, minus Steve Martin running back and forth between delivery rooms on the day of our births. I don't think my dad or my brother were allowed in either delivery room. . . but I digress. So suffice it to say, I was a late in life surprise (VeRy late, my mom was 45!!) for my parents. Wendy and I share a special bond. We have been through some tough times together and celebrated many special days side by side. She was my Maid of Honor and I was her Matron of Honor. She was the first person to call me the night of Avery's diagnosis and ask "Are you o.k.?" -the question that everyone seemed to be afraid to hear the answer to. We were in the same grade all through school, although they separated us into different classes. I suppose it would have been odd to have an aunt and her niece in the same class?

And that's how on November 14th, I became the proud Great-Aunt to this sweet baby girl. I can't wait to meet her!! I have spent a lot of time trying to figure out who she looks the most like, my niece Wendy, or her handsome husband? For now I'm going to have to say that she looks an awful lot like her daddy, although I see hints of some Croucher in her:)

Here she is, just two weeks old! Doesn't she look like such a little lady?! Perhaps being born at almost nine pounds had soemthing to do with that! So, so sweet.

Love you sweet girl - and your mommy and daddy too!

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Bethany said...

She is a cutie! I can't believe how aware she looks! I think I have forgotten what a newborn is like!!