Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The birthday that almost wasn't!

I'm not usually a last minute, throw-it-together, anything goes kind of gal when it comes to planning birthday parties for my girls. O.k. Well, maybe some things do get done at the last minute, but this is my blog so. . .

Really, though. I usually spend several months planning a theme, looking for the perfect party favors, making decorations. So I have a little bit of mommy guilt that I didn't go "all out" for Miss Avery's third birthday. For one, her birthday is so stinkin' close to Christmas, that it makes it kind of hard. For another, (excuse in case you're keeping track here), Avery was scheduled to have oral surgery on her birthday this year, so I was assuming that she wouldn't really feel up for a party.

But at the last minute we decided we couldn't bring ourselves to put Avery through such a yucky ordeal on her birthday and so we canceled the surgery. Which left us with a birthday girl, and no party.

So what's a mommy and her super six year old side kick to do? We went into party planning fast forward mode, whipped up some cupcakes- chocolate, Avery's favorite, picked up some balloons and party hats, and wa-la! Instant party. And you know what? It was probably one of the most enjoyable birthday's I've spent with my girls. There was no pressure, no stress. Just a beautiful birthday girl, delicious cake, and lots of fun.

Kaylen proudly displaying the gift she hand made for Avery (and wrapped herself:) In case you couldn't tell, it's a jingle bell bracelet, and Avery loves it!

The best part about having a three year old, who is really more of a one year old developmentally is that you get to do the 'smash cake in your face for the first time' every year! At first Avery wasn't sure what we wanted her to do with the cupcake and kept looking at us, like, "Are you serious? You want me to just dig in?"

Smart girl. She wasn't going to pass up the opportunity to eat an entire chocolate cupcake by herself, so she got right to work!

Thank God for cupcakes!
Happy Birthday precious Avery! We love you sooooo much!

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Bethany said...

OH MY GOODNESS!! Both of the girls look SO grown up!! What happened?!!

I am glad to hear that you pulled off one fun birthday bash and loved every minute of it!!

Can't wait to see you guys!!

Have a VERY Merry Christmas!!

Love ya!

Nikki said...

So sorry we missed it! Looks like she had fun! Of course, who wouldn't with all that chocolate cake!!

ac said...

That last photo is too stinkin' cute. I'm so glad she had a wonderful birthday! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas too!