Friday, December 5, 2008

Happy Harts

Here's the sneak peak of our fall family pictures that I promised. Our sweet friend and neighbor, Angie, took us out on a warm day a couple of weekends ago to take our family photos. She did an amazing job! She captured some great shots of us that afternoon. This is one of my favorites. . .

Unfortunately, Britton and I couldn't seem to keep our eyes open, so in each and every one of the pictures of all four of us, one or the other of us looks goofy! The girls did fine for the most part. Avery of course, is impossible to "pose," but Angie did take some great pictures of both girls that day, that I love!

Like this one. . .

And this one. . . Avery being Avery. Everywhere we go she has to stoop down and "touch" the ground, or the sidewalk, or the tile. . . . Yeah. It takes us awhile to get from point a to b.

We did a re-take session the next afternoon, when the sun was beginning to set and it was much easier to keep from squinting. Britton's dad snapped some quick pictures of us in the same location and a couple of those turned out fine. Again, it was nearly impossible to get Avery to look at the camera, but I do love the innocent look on her face in this shot, and the rest of us look how I picture us.

I'm so not loving myself in these pictures. They are proof in 'black and white' that I have really packed on the pounds in the last year since we moved here. So I'm jump starting the infamous "New Year's Resolution" early, which will certainly be hard to do around the holidays! But, I can't let Britton out-do me. He has been getting up at five in the morning several days a week and working out! It is already starting to show in his face and his 'tummy':) so I better get moving! Going back to work part time means that I have to dress nicely a few days a week, and that's when reality set in for me. I have a closet full of size fours and sixes that I wore just two years ago- none of them fit now! Yikes!

Getting old is such a bummer!

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Bethany said...

Fours and sixes??? I wish!! You look great, but I know how you feel! When you don't look or feel like you want, it is frustrating!! Hoping I get a Wii Fit for Christmas so I can buckle down again after the holidays!! Until then, I will enjoy fudge, cookie dough and all that other yummy but oh so bad stuff!!

Cute pics!! They are all really sweet!!