Thursday, March 27, 2008

Princess Wishes

The highlight of Kaylen's first Spring Break was going to KC to see Disney Princess Wishes on Ice with my friend Amy, and her kiddos, Dalton and Kierstin. Kaylen is still a huge Disney Princess fan, and this was something she had been looking forward to for a long time! Each Disney Princess came out on the ice at some point and acted out parts of their stories. It was so much fun! I am so thankful that Amy invited us to go with them, and got us such amazing seats! We were three rows up from the ice! Kaylen and I don't get to spend a ton of time together by ourselves, so this was a special treat! Here we are after the show, waiting to see the Easter Bunny at Crown Center!

Remember the silverware from the Beauty and the Beast. When the handsome young prince refused to help the old beggar woman that stopped by his castle she turned him into the Beast and cast a spell on all the servants in the castle, turning them into enchanted, talking objects. We got to see Luminere, the candlestick, and the silverware skate with Belle. Can you imagine ice skating with a giant spoon, knife and fork on your back?

And of course it isn't "Disney" without Minnie and Mickey!

Here's my little princess, tiara and all, enjoying some Dippin' Dots during intermission!

Tinkerbell walked right below us on her way out, in between the differentPrincess' performances. She introduced each act of the show.

During Sleeping Beauty's act, this gigantic dragon came out onto the ice and fought the Prince. This was hands down, Dalton's favorite part of the show (I'm so glad there were pirates and dragons for the brothers who went with their little sisters!) Kaylen said that this was her favorite part as well, but I'm wondering if she just wanted to echo Dalton, because she looked absolutely terrified when it came onto the ice and had a death grip on my hand!

The show got even more intense when the dragon then spit fire onto the ice! The kids were beyond amazed and even Amy and I were like, "how'd they do that?"

It was so hard to get good pictures, because for one the skaters are moving really fast, and all those little white specks you see in the background are really the camera flashes from the people across the arena that are also trying to get an "action" shot! My camera couldn't figure what to focus on or rather to flash so I finally turned everything "automatic" off, and switched to manual and the pictures turned out a little better. (I don't have a fancy camera- yet- just a little Sony Cyber-shot.)

This picture of Ariel (which I zoomed in on in the second picture, ) gives you an idea of how close we were sitting! We could almost reach out and pop the bubbles you see in the close up!

Of course no Princess show would be complete without Cinderella and The Prince himself!

Towards the end of the show Cinderella's carriage came out on the ice!

The grand finale! The center of the carriage rose above the ice with Tinkerbell inside (look closely), and there were tons of fireworks! We were "oooohing" and "ahhhing" in time with the rest of the audience and were simply amazed! Leave it to Disney to do it right!

It was such a wonderful show and so fun for Kaylen and I to spend some 'one on one' time together! The funny thing is, I can almost guarantee that years from now, what Kaylen and Dalton will remember most, is that on the way home from lunch we got stuck in an underground parking garage traffic jam for almost thirty minutes! It was CrAzY! The fumes from all the cars idling, and the low ceilings just about did me in! People were honking their horns like dueling banjos and after much cajoling from the backseat, I finally joined in! Only I didn't just give a little "honk," I got creative and honked a tune. It goes a little something like this. . . honk. . . honk. . . hon-hon-honk. . . . HONK, HONK!


Bethany said...

LOVE the pics! I am so glad that you girls got to do something fun and create some wonderful memories on your daughter's FIRST spring break!!! Wow...where does the time go??? The picture of you and Kaylen is really cute! Love your shirt!! :)

Bethany said... it is me again. Seriously...WHERE does the time go? I remember so clearly Kaylen being "little!" Not a kindergartner!!! It makes me sad to think of how fast they grow up!! We miss you guys!!