Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Conversations with Kaylen. . .

Kaylen: So mommy, what are you going to do today while I’m at school?

Me: Oh, you know, play with Avery, clean up this messy house.

Kaylen surveying the mess: Mommy if you get some of this mess cleaned up before I get home, I will give you a surprise!

Me: Wow! Thanks sweetie! I’m going to get it ALL cleaned up!

Kaylen looking doubtful: Mommy if you get ALL this mess cleaned up before I get home, I’ll give you two surprises!

Me: You’re on! What kind of surprise do you have in mind?

Kaylen who like her Daddy has NEVER kept a surprise dishes: Like five minutes of free time on the computer? Or maybe ten pennies out of my piggy bank? Did you know that ten pennies makes a dime?

Me as we arrive at school: Yup that’s right! O.k. you have a great day at school and work hard o.k.?

Kaylen: You have a good day too mommy. . . . (yelling back as she gets closer to the front door of school) GOOD LUCK CLEANING UP OUR MESSY HOUSE!!

That’s’ my girl. . . .
And about the hair, it's "Wacky Wednesday" at school today, so we came up with this cRaZy hairdo!


ac said...

Wow! A treat for cleaning sounds great! :) When you're done with your messy house you can come clean mine! :)Audrey

Bethany said...

I agree with Audrey...can you come clean my house next?! Heck...if you come all the way out here, I'll make you a don't even have to clean! We can just goof off and have a great time!

Mary Howard said...

A clean house is totally OVER-rated! At least your child realizes it's messy, mine just think of it as normal. -Mary