Thursday, March 13, 2008

Conversations with Kaylen. . . Arguments with Avery

Kaylen from the backseat: Mommy I really want to get a cat. When can I get a cat?

Me: I don’t know honey, someday.

Avery: Moooooooo!

Kaylen: No, Avery. A cat, not a cow! But mom, Allison has a cat and he’s soooo soft and cuddly.

Me: Cats are a lot of work honey.

Kaylen: I know, but I would take care of it, and I’ve always, always wanted a cat.

Avery: Mooooooo!

Kaylen: No A-VA-REE-UH!!! (When Kaylen gets annoyed with lil' sis, she adds a couple of syllables to Avery’s name.) A CAT, not a cow!

Avery: Mooooooo!!

Kaylen: Fine Avery, if you want a cow so bad, go live with Grandpa. (Who raises cattle)

Avery: Meow?


Bethany said...

What a DARLING picture! Too cute!!! Did you guys make it out to the park again today?!!

ac said...

That is funny! :) Loved the photo of Avery too!