Tuesday, March 18, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like

EASTER! You would never guess by the weather outside that Easter is just days away, but it is and we are ready here at the Hart house! We had a lot of fun dying our eggs last weekend to get ready for the Easter bunny's arrival! As I was posting these pictures I realized another clue that Easter is indeed early this year - Kaylen is still wearing her flannel snowman pajamas while dying eggs just a few days before the big day!

Look closely at the expression of wonder on Kaylen's face as she fishes each egg out of it's cup of dye and sees that somehow the Easter Bunny has written each of our names on our Easter eggs! It's magic!! (see below)

The finished product!

How did he do that?

I saw this 'easter egg tree' advertised in the Pottery Barn catalog and fell in love with it. Alas, it was fifty bucks!! So Kaylen and I got a little crafty and whipped up one of our own. It was super easy and lots of fun, and as you can see below, turned out pretty darn cute if I do say so myself!

Kaylen and I are both very proud of how our version of the fifty dollar easter egg tree turned out, considering ours cost less than ten bucks! We found these adorable glittery eggs in sets of six for a dollar at the Dollar General store! The picture just does not do this project justice! It's very glittery and sparkly and so much fun!

Happy Easter!


Bethany said...

Ok...so first of all your little tree is so stinkin' cute! I am feeling the need to make one of our own now! But...since Easter IS this weekend, we'll save that project for next year! What a fun idea!

Also...I looked back at the picture of Kaylen and the wonder and magic in that sweet little expression! Like we talked about, it is so similar to the wonder and magic in Huntler's expression at the Polar Express! If only things could be that magical as an adult!! :) Having a child really brings forth what is TRULY important in life!!

Have a great one!! Love ya!

Anonymous said...

I want to make one of those cute little trees too! Meghan and Lindsay would love it. Different holiday, but your story reminds me of Lindsay & Nathan decorating their Christmas trees. They each have a mini tree for their bedroom and I always love to watch their facial expressions as they carefully place each ornament in its special spot.

We're decorating eggs this weekend - I can't wait for the looks of wonderment. :-)

Happy Easter!