Friday, February 8, 2008

I know you're in there!

Poor Little Miss Avery. Lately big sis has been on a "privacy" kick and frequently goes in her room and shuts the door. This infuriates Avery! For about a week she just stood outside Kaylen's door and cried pathetically until Kaylen caved and opened the door. Then Kaylen got fed up with the whole process and started ignoring the pleas and cries from baby sis to be let in on the action. A couple of nights ago I found Avery like this, on the floor peeking under the crack and sticking her chubby little fingers through the tiny gap between the door and the carpet. How cute is that? Now for the outfit Avery's wearing in these pictures? I'll give you three guesses! Exactly. Daddy dressed her to go outside for a little while, and apparently he's not only color blind, but oblivious that stripes and polka dots in every shade of the rainbow, do not go together! Not to mention that the shirt Ave is wearing is two sizes too small! I guess it just adds to the humor of these photos! God bless Daddies! (Sorry the last two pics are a little out of focus. They were just priceless!)

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Bethany said...

How cute are those photos!! Although I am a BIG fan of both polka dots and stripes, I would have to say this combo is quite interesting!!

I love the second picture down...Avery looks so intense and deep in thought, as if pondering her next move!!