Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Crayola Bandit Strikes Again!

Caught! Orange handed! Or orange-mouthed as the case may be. For a couple of weeks we've been finding these random crayon masterpieces throughout the house. They are too childish in their scribblings to be the handy work of Kaylen, which leaves only one suspect! Today I finally walked in on the artist hard at work on her creation. Is it a coincidence that the latest door to fall victim to Avery's graffiti is none other than big sis Kaylen's? I think not. If you look carefully in this picture below Avery's hand you can just barely see her scribbling. Right above her head (and serious case of "bed head") is a sign posted by Kaylen that apparently reads "NO BABIES ALLOWED!" I guess this is Avery's way of letting Kaylen know that she might be shut out, but she will not be shut up. Avery always seems to have a way of finding the last word!

1 comment:

Bethany said...

How funny is that?!! At least she is asserting her independence!! Silly girl!! I am loving the bed head! Too cute!!!