Monday, November 2, 2009

And we have a winner. . .

Well in true Hart fashion our weekend was full of drama and ups and downs. Sweet Kaylen missed out on her school's fall festival and all the fun that comes with Halloween because she came down with a nasty bug. She managed to put on her adorable pirate costume and trick-or-treat around our block, but she came home, checked out her candy and was asleep within fifteen minutes. She didn't go to school again today, but my trusty assistant Kaylen felt up to helping me draw a name for our little blog contest!



And the winner is. . . . .


Congratulations, Laura! It looks like you have gotten a fun head start on your Christmas shopping! Thanks for all of your comments, I hope you'll stop by again sometime:)


Laura Garrett said...

Awesome, I am so excited. Our little niece will look beautiful in it. I never win anything. Makes up for a crumby day today.
Thank you Lisa!!

Hope everyones is feeling better soon.


jerry said...

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