Friday, February 13, 2009

Pray for Avery

Our sweet girl is really in need of a break right now. Yesterday was a long, horrible day. She woke up from her nap absolutely hysterical and was inconsolable for several hours. She vomited a few times and then just passed out (as in fainted) and I panicked.

We spent the night in Children's Mercy getting lab work and a CT scan but the doctor's were not able to explain what caused this particular event or tell us what to do to prevent it from happening again. Welcome to life with TSC.

It took seven sticks to get this IV. Our sweet girl is bruised and looks like a pin cushion this morning.

After a head CT scan to rule out changes with her tumors Avery was so out of it from the sedation meds that she kinda forgot to breathe. She struggled to keep her O2 sats up and needed blow by oxygen for a while.

We are home now, with few answers and many questions. Thank you for checking in on our sweet girl and saying a prayer or two for us!

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Sarah said...

You're in my prayers and I'm sending lots of hugs and love and best wishes your direction. (Just pretend we aren't strangers). I hope that things are looking up by the time you read this comment.

Be well, sweet little Avery. Please be well.

Laura said...

I am keeping your precious Avery in my prayers. I was heartbroken to hear about her horrible day from Bethany.

I wish your family a peaceful weekend, and I hope you can find some answers soon. Any friend of Bethany's is a friend of mine...much love!

The Eyre Family said...

Hi! I am coming over from Bethany's blog and I wanted to let you know that our family is praying for your little girl! When my little girl was in the hospital someone said to me "Don't worry, God loves her more than you do. He's watching over and He has a plan." It is so true. I hope things are going better now!

Monica said...

I have been wondering about you through the years and I happen to read Bethany's blog today and saw the name Avery and knew right away it was you.
Your family is amazing, inspiring, and heartbreaking. I only wish we all lived in the same cul-de-sac again. Just know that i'm thinking about you and praying for little Avery and for the family.

Sarah said...

I'm just coming by looking for updates. Your little girl is still in my prayers; I hope to read that things have turned around soon. Take care of yourselves!

Linkis Family Love said...

You don't know me, but I love to read your blog. Avery has tons of prayers coming her way from Illinois! She is soooo precious! May God's love surround her and heal her-and provide you all with peace, strength, and comfort.
Hang in there, and keep us posted.
Kelli <><<