Thursday, May 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Kaylen Rose!

Six years ago today I became a mommy.

I can't believe Kaylen is six, because that beautiful day feels like yesterday! My baby is six! I can still remember driving to the hospital that morning, (to be induced), and thinking how surreal it felt to know that sometime that day, other people would be holding the baby I had all to myself for the last nine months. I remember feeling her kick twice on the way to the hospital and thinking that I would really miss those kicks. I knew that I would not miss the sixty pounds that I gained during pregnancy! Yes, sixty! My labor and delivery were pretty easy for the most part, thanks to a great epidural. I had been 5cm dilated for over a week, so I really didn't have that far to go, and once they started the pitocin it was only a few hours before Kaylen arrived. My parents, and Britton's aunt spent the day with us, talking to me, keeping us company, and before we knew it Kaylen was ready to make her grand entrance. We were all shocked to see her tipping the scales at 8 pounds 8 ounces! ( I remember seeing all of her black hair and being so excited that she had lots of hair!! )

Yikes, look at all those chins. (All mine.) Her hair really was that black. Not brown, jet black!

For the first few days, she slept exactly like this. . . with her hands tucked in the same position, so precious. . .

Kaylen has the most expressive eyes. People were always making a fuss over how beautiful she was when we were out and about, and I think it was because of those big, brown eyes!

Tonight I have been looking through the boxes and boxes of photos we have from Kaylen's first two and a half years, before we 'went digital' and I started making a pile of pictures I wanted to share. Before I knew it I had a little pile of at least fifty pictures, and I wasn't even through her first year! I should have started this project a week ago and turned it into a video montage, but I was busy 'living in the moment' getting everything ready for her birthday parties, and trying to make this year really special for her. I'm so glad that I've had time this evening to reminisce. There are so many memories, layered upon memories, and I realize, that even though it breaks my heart to admit it, I'm starting to forget "baby Kaylen." She is so grown up these days, and looking at these 'old' photos of her, reminds me of what a beautiful, happy baby she was. What a chunker she was! And oh, what an easy baby she was. Unlike, ehhhemm, another sweet little Hart baby I know.

She was always such a ham for the camera. It was never hard to coax a smile out of her for the camera!

On the day of Kaylen's first birthday, Daddy received his Master's degree, so we had a lot to celebrate!

It is easy for me to see, looking back at the first months of Kaylen's life, the beginnings of the amazing little girl that she is growing up to be. Early, early on she was a loving, compassionate toddler. Long before she could talk, she would 'comfort' someone when they were upset by coming over and patting them or laying her head down on their lap or shoulder. She always wanted to give you some of what she was enjoying, be it a bottle, or a mushy cracker. She has always loved to share and give things away. One of her favorite games to play with Grandma, has always been "Christmas." They 'wrap up' little gifts and deliver them to everyone.

Just recently one of Kaylen's little neighbor friends walked over in the rain to see if she could play. Unfortunately we were getting ready to go somewhere or do something so we had to send her back home. Pretty soon, I saw Kaylen on the couch crying softly. When I asked her what was wrong, she really started to sob, and said, "I just feel so bad, Gracyn walked all the way over here in the rain and now she has to walk all the way home in the rain. She must be so sad." Talk about melt my heart!

Then just yesterday morning, I smacked Avery's little hand when she turned on the gas stove for the umpteenth billion time. Instead of Avery breaking down into tears, you guessed it, Kaylen started to cry, and said, "She doesn't understand! Don't hit my sissy." She came over and wrapped her ever protective arms around Avery, who was oblivious to the drama. I felt terrible. I tried to explain that I worry about Avery burning her hands, or the house down, but still. Where did she learn this kind of compassion and empathy?

I could write forever about the ways I love my Kayleybug. She is truly a blessing straight from heaven.

Happy Birthday Sweetie!

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