Saturday, May 24, 2008

Get Your Groove On

Last night was the big night! Kaylen's very first dance recital! Holy cow! Talk about intense! I don't know if I was fully prepared to be initiated into the club of full fleged "dance" moms. There was a lot of running (literally) around to pick up Kaylen from back stage, running to a dressing room, changing at lightening speed into the next costume, touching up makeup and hair, and then running back to back stage to get ready for the next number. Phew! I truly worked up a sweat, and to be honest . . . don't really remember watching either performance. We weren't allowed to take pictures or video during, so we will have to wait for the professional's videos and pictures to come back and then probably shell out big bucks to actually watch our sweet girls perform. I can only imagine that the older they get, and the more competitive they get, the more "high stress" it gets. We'll see if we make it that far. . .

At home before the recital.

Backstage right before her second number. A tap routine to the theme song from the Andy Griffith Show.

After the performance waiting with her sweet friend Brittany for curtain call.

Curtain call. The only part of the show I really remember! I was finally able to take a deep breath. It was soooo cute. The big girls walked the little girls on stage and they all waved and took their final bows. You probably can't find Kaylen up there, but she's up there!

The thing that really shocked me, was how well Kaylen took the "pressure." This was no little production. It was at Albert Taylor Hall (a big auditorium) on the ESU campus. She performed in front of hundreds of people. A full house. She performed perfectly with a big smile on her face, like she had done it hundreds of times. She didn't even act or look nervous! I have never done something like this! Ever. Let alone doing it at the tender age of six! She just amazes me!

Afterwards we celebrated with some ice cream and Kaylen's best friend from dance and Kindergarten, Miss Megan! The two of them make quite the pair!

Let's get out of here!

Phew! Done! Let's eat!

I am so proud of Kaylen! She is already talking about next year. Sigh. What a whirlwind month it has been ! Now it's time to rest and relax for summer and think about next year a little later!

Way to go Kaylen! Mommy and Daddy and Sissy are so, so proud of you! You are simply amazing!

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Amber said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love your blog. Your daughters are adorable. I loved the decorations for your daughters birthday.

Bethany said...

Dance....hmm. I thought I wanted Gentry to take tap or dance or something when she got a little older but I am not so much cut out for the high stress, intense parts!! I am more of the laid back type! So, I guess we'll see!

Anyway, it sounds like Kaylen enjoyed it and wasn't traumatized by the intensity or the sheer volume of people in the audience!! That is great!

Way to go Kaylen!! We love you and will see you soon!