Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Sneak Peak

It is so hard to imagine that in two short weeks my 'baby' Kaylen will be six years old! I have been hard at work perfecting invitations for one of her two parties and I am so excited with how these came out! In these pictures the outside is finished but they still need wording on the inside, but you get the gist. Tonight Kaylen is going to help me put on the finishing touches (the cherries on top!) because she really wanted to help, and then she will 'hand-deliver' these little gems. She couldn't be more excited!

The outside. Doesn't that just look yummy! In case you couldn't tell we are having an ice cream themed party! They are so sparkly!

The inside where the wording goes!


Bethany said...

LOVE them Lisa! You seriously did a fantastic job!! I wish we could be there for the party...but we all know that ice cream and my tummy just don't mix!!

For those of you who don't know...we live states away or we would be there...I just wouldn't eat any ice cream!! (We would never let it stop us from going!!)

ac said...

Cute, Cute! :)