Friday, October 31, 2008

Flashback Friday-Happy Halloween!!

Excitement fills the air this Halloween morning! Kaylen is so excited about Halloween this year that she is about to burst!! I don't remember her being this excited last year, but maybe I've just forgotten. Last year Kaylen wore an adorable witch costume hand made by Grandma, and Avery went as her lucky black cat! (A costume I threw together at the last minute, literally, because Avery had outgrown the Ladybug costume she was supposed to wear!)

When Kaylen first saw Avery in "costume" last year, she exclaimed, "I'm being a cat next year!!" I assumed she would forget, but when we started talking about costumes this fall, sure enough, a black cat was still on the list. Well. . . right behind Hannah Montanna and Sharpay (from High School Musical), I nixed those ideas, and we came up with an adorable girly black cat costume on our own! (A little more involved than Avery's drawn on whiskers and felt ears glued to a headband at 5:00 p.m. on Halloween night!)

Here they are last year!

This afternoon I get to help out with Kaylen's First Grade fall party which I always look forward to! I have Poltergeist Pins (two liter bottles made to look like ghosts for bowling), Halloween Twister, Witches Brew and Cauldron Stew Relay Race (picking up "ingredients" i.e., construction paper cut outs of bats, witches, ghosts, etc. with a straw and blowing them into a witches cauldron), Spider Ring Toss, and Ring around the Pumpkin planned. If we have extra time I also whipped up some Halloween Bingo cards, and have a really fun guessing game called Boo Who? planned. We should be busy, busy, busy, and I know it will be a blast!

As a teacher, I used to dread "party days" because the kids show up in the morning wound for sound, and you have to try to keep them focused until the party at the end of the day. As a mom, I love these days!

Stay tuned for party pics, and this year's costumes!

Have fun tonight and BE SAFE!
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Bethany said...

WOW! Sounds like you have all sorts of fun stuff planned for the party! What lucky kids!!

The girls looked so cute last year! Can't wait to see their costumes this year!!

Have fun! And Happy Halloween!!

Anonymous said...