Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Girls Just Want to Have Fun!

I have been needing some major retail therapy for awhile now, and last weekend I finally got a huge dose of it! My friends, Nikki and Angie, and I loaded into my car and headed to KC for a weekend of shopping, eating, and major relaxing without kiddos! Needless to say we had a blast!

Angie thought that we needed to get an idea of how our weekend was going to go, so at the first mall we hit, she had her fortune told by the famous Zoltar! Zoltar basically told Angie that she deserved to kick back, relax, and enjoy herself! He really was psychic! So that's exactly what we did!

After a long morning of shopping and a nice lunch we headed to Bare Escentuals to get makeovers! Here we are waiting for our turn to get beautified! We had originally agreed to go to KC with no makeup on, and do Bare Escentuals first, but apparently I didn't get the memo that plans had changed and so I was the only one who didn't put on makeup for the day! Amazingly neither Nikki or Angie really noticed?! I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing!

Nikki is concentrating hard on how to apply her makeup just right!

The before picture:

And the after. . . Not bad, even if Nikki isn't smiling! I really did love the makeup, but even with my credit card, couldn't shell out the big bucks right now to make the switch from Cliniuqe to this brand.

By the time that we got to our hotel we were getting a little loopy! We had shopped all day, and needed to eat dinner! Here we are posing like the models we saw in the window at XXI. They were posed in some very interesting poses!

The sun was setting behind our hotel, but we weren't finished!! We had a few more stores to hit before they closed at nine!

We shopped most of the day Sunday and then headed home. Nikki took this picture because every time I turned on my turn signal, I also hit the windshield wiper button! Hey, what can I say? It's a new car and I'm not used to it (even though we've had it for four months now!)

The back of my car was overflowing with our goodies, including a hallway table that Angie found at one of our last stops!

We had sooooo much fun, and are planning another trip for Christmas shopping, we just have to let our credit cards cool off for a bit! I have been really blessed to get to know these two gals because it was definitely lonely here in E-town for the first several months after we moved here! We can be ourselves around each other, we crack ourselves up, and hey, we love to shop! What more could a girl ask for!

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Just me.....Shelly said...

looks like you gals had a blast! who doesn't love shopping, right? Just wanted to pop in and say "hi"--happy weekend!